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The Appointments summary page and the links below shows you how to lodge 'new' statutory position notifications by the Principal Employer or Registered Manager for a mine site operation.  Appointments listed under the Mines Safety Inspection Act are mandatory and must be notified using the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

Statutory position appointments are made by the principal employer.  Alternatively, the principal employer can authorise a registered manager to notify a statutory position.    Other positions at a site operation / exploration company can be 'advised' to the Department.

Security Roles: To notify appointments using SRS external users will require a security role within SRS for the 'Notifications' subsystem (Type: Position), either as company administrator or company representative. Information on security roles and access to SRS refer SRS registrations

Lodge New

Click New on the summary page to lodge a new notification.


The filter is a useful tool for ease of viewing notifications in the summary window.

Click Filter
Select the positions to be filtered.
Click Close

Further information:

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Where can I find information on how to lodge incidents, injuries and monthly status reports?

See Mining Notifications 

What security roles are required to lodge/ end date statutory position appointments at a mine site operation (SG)?

SRS security role, either as company administrator or company representative is required under the Notifications subsystem of the type Position to submit a notification for a mine site operation.   

Current users with company administrator security roles to the Notifications sub system (Type: Position) will be able to lodge/ end date existing appointments.

Why can't I view notifications on my summary page?

Reset your filters by ticking ALL to made available notifications on the summary page.

I currently do not have any security roles for the Notifications sub system.  How do I obtain roles?

To lodge or end date an existing appointment contact your company's SRS company administrator (Notifications/Position).
For general SRS registration and security roles, please refer SRS Registration - General

Can I delete a  notification that I have just started? 

You can delete a notification if it is in the status of 'Incomplete'.  Click the delete icon on the top left hand side of the wizard.  A prompt to confirm will be displayed.  Click OK.  The notification will be deleted.

Where can I find frequently asked questions regarding notifications of statutory appointments?

Click Department website.  This will take you to an external browser.

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