Maintenance of existing Statutory Appointments

Appointments summary - (External)

The statutory appointments summary page and the links below show industry users with relevant security roles how to appoint a new OR edit an 'existing' statutory position appointment in order to end date it for a mine site operation.   

You will require security roles for the 'Notifications' subsystem.  Please contact your SRS Company Administrator at your company / site operation for security roles; Alternatively, contact the Department's Data Services team.




Lodge New

Click New on the summary page to lodge a notification in order to edit an existing appointment.


The filter is a useful tool for ease of viewing notifications in the summary window.


Click Filter
Select the positions to be filtered.
Click Close

Note: Reset your filters by ticking ALL to make available notifications on the summary page.

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Where can I find information on how to lodge incidents, injuries and monthly status reports?

See Mining Notifications


What security roles are required to lodge/ end date existing notifications for a mine site operation (SG)?

To notify appointments, external users will require a security role within SRS for the 'Notifications' subsystem, to lodge/ maintain notifications. 

Contact the SRS company administrator to provide security roles within the Notification subsystem (Type: Position), either as company administrator or company representative. Information on security roles and access to SRS refer SRS registrations

Why can't I view notifications on my summary page?

Reset your filters by ticking ALL to make available notifications on the summary page.

I do not have an existing security role.  How do I obtain roles for to submit statutory appointment notifications?

To lodge or maintain an existing SHRep notifications contact the SRS company administrator (Notifications/Position).
For general SRS registration and security roles, please refer SRS Registration - General


Where can I find frequently asked questions regarding notifications of statutory appointments?

Click Department website. This will take you to an external browser.


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