Aboriginal Empowerment Initiative

The DEMIRS Aboriginal Empowerment Initiative (AEI) aims to build capacity to sustainably implement the WA Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy.

The AEI will be delivered through four components, reflecting the elements in the WA State Government’s Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy:

  • partnerships, shared decision-making, and engagement;
  • reshaping government services and systems to work with culture;
  • building the cultural responsiveness of the public sector workforce; and
  • expanding economic opportunities.

These are in addition to the existing programs being delivered across the department.

The first step towards the AEI is the establishment of the DEMIRS Aboriginal Empowerment Unit. Recruitment is underway with positions advertised at JobsWA.

The Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy 2021–2029 sets out how the WA Government will direct its efforts toward a future in which all Aboriginal people, families and communities are empowered to live good lives and choose their own futures from a secure foundation.

The Strategy outlines a high-level framework for future State Government policies, plans, initiatives and programs that contribute to better outcomes for Aboriginal people, built around genuine partnerships and engagement with Aboriginal stakeholders, strong accountability, and culturally responsive ways of working.

Importantly, the Strategy provides the basis for State Government departments, like DEMIRS, to develop specific initiatives to achieve the Strategy’s goal - Aboriginal people, families and communities empowered to live good lives and choose their own futures from a secure foundation.

For more information about the DEMIRS Aboriginal Empowerment Initiative, read the brochure outlining the four components.