Mineral exploration reports (WAMEX)

Mineral explorers are required to report annually on their exploration projects under Western Australian legislation. After a period of confidentiality, the exploration reports and data are made available to the public. These are referred to as open-file reports. Mineral exploration open-file (public) reports are stored in the Western Australian Mineral WAMEX database. Access is free of charge, and copies of the reports are available for download.

Searching the text of all report PDFs is also now available from this external website: WAMEX Search

Searching and downloading of harmonised drillhole and surface geochemistry extracted from WAMEX reports is also available from Western Australia Exploration Geochemistry Online (external website).

The data is also presented in a pivoted format and the complete set of pivoted tables can be downloaded.

Western Australian Mineral Exploration reports (WAMEX)

Note: Google Chrome does not allow download of documents from WAMEX. The web browser must be Internet Explorer or Safari.

Mineral exploration report compilation and lodgement

Reports may be compiled and submitted online using a wizard. If you already have an ex login, go to “my account”, and add WAMEX online reporting to your list of accessible online systems. First-time users will be prompted by the system to register.

If the report has been lodged using the online system, then data requested by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) should also be submitted through the same system.

Please note that GDA2020 will not be introduced across all systems until middle or late next year. Our databases are gradually being updated to accept the new datum but currently data in GDA2020 cannot be accepted. Please continue to submit data in GDA94 until further notice.

Lodge a mineral exploration report or submit missing data requested by the department

Reports prepared offline must be submitted on CD to DMIRS.

Guidelines for mineral exploration reports for mining tenements

The department has prepared guidelines that specify the contents, standards and format required in the preparation and submission of mineral exploration reports in accordance with Section 115A of the Mining Act 1978.

The latest guidelines were gazetted on 12th July 2019.

Guidelines for mineral exploration reports for mining tenements - 1158 Kb

The guidelines are designed to assist holders of mining tenements in Western Australia in the preparation and submission of mineral exploration reports that comply with section 115A of the Mining Act, 1978.

Excel templates for reporting exploration data. NOTE: These templates (and examples) are for standalone use and CANNOT be used in conjunction with the MRT software.

Please consult the Guidelines for Mineral Exploration Reports on Mining Tenements (link above) for a detailed explanation of the formats required for reporting digital data.

The Mineral Exploration Reporting (MRT) software is a free tool for adding required metadata to exploration data to make it compliant with the requirements of the guidelines above.

Application form for combined reporting

Applications to create or amend combined reporting groups can now be submitted by completing an online form and attaching relevant documents using the WAMEX online lodgement portal.  A pdf copy of the application will then be emailed to the applicant for their records.

Combined Reporting application form - 141 Kb

Application Form for Combined Reporting

Data request

If a search does not find the mineral exploration reports expected, please submit a request to wamex.datarequest@dmirs.wa.gov.au.

Current tenement holders or their agents may request reports that are still confidential.

Bulk download of mineral exploration reports

A copy of all public reports is available on external hard drive from the library at Mineral House in Perth (Tel: +61 8 9222 3165) and the Joe Lord Core Library in Kalgoorlie (Tel:+61 8 9022 0400).

Annual release of mineral exploration reports

Mineral exploration reports held by the department for five years may be released to the public, under Regulation 96(4) of the Mining Act - the ‘Sunset Clause’.

Each year from early March, the proposed list of reports planned for release is published on the department's website. They are also advertised in the Mining Notices of The West Australian and the Kalgoorlie Miner. There is a period of two months during which the current tenement holders can study the list and object in writing to the release of any report.

Reports proposed to be released were submitted to the department from January to December 2018.

Also pursuant to Regulation 96(5) objections to the release of a report are only valid for a period not exceeding five years in each case. Therefore objections made between 2017 and 2018 to the release of reports submitted between 2012 and 2013 have now lapsed and need to be renewed or the report will be released.

From the beginning of May 2024, the GSWA will release the reports that have no objections.

Reports released to the public will not be withdrawn if an objection is received subsequent to the report's release.

Reports to be released include:

Reports received 2018 - 576 Kb

Reports proposed to be released submitted to the department from January to December 2018.

Lapsed Objections – Sunset Clause Release - 60 Kb

Reports proposed to be released for which previous objections have lapsed.

Objections to release of mineral exploration reports

The current holder of a mining tenement covered by the report, or any subsequent tenement granted in renewal of or substitution for such a mining tenement, has the right to object to the release of the report under Regulation 96(5) of the Mining Act.

Submitting objections

All objections must be in writing, include the ‘A’ number (Accession number of report), and specifically detail the page numbers and paragraphs in each report that justify the request for non-release of reports.

Objections should be submitted in writing, in two associated documents as follows:

  • a covering letter
  • a ‘read only’ PDF file or preferably a ‘read only’ Excel spreadsheet.

Objections to the release of reports should be addressed to the Executive Director, Geological Survey and Resource Strategy Division, and emailed to sunsetclause@dmirs.wa.gov.au.

All objections must be received by Friday, 26 April 2024.

All objections will be acknowledged.

There is a policy guideline on objections to the release of mineral exploration reports under the Sunset Clause.

Policy guideline - objections to release of mineral exploration reports on mining tenements under the Sunset Clause - 545 Kb

Policy guideline - objections to release of mineral exploration reports on mining tenements under the Sunset Clause

For more information contact:
sunsetclause@dmirs.wa.gov.au or wamex.enquiries@dmirs.wa.gov.au

For technical assistance contact IT Service Desk.