Lead Agency Framework

Resources proponents wishing to progress project proposals in Western Australia can benefit from the State’s globally recognised Lead Agency Framework. The framework offers a single point of entry and assigns one department to assist and coordinate approvals.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is Western Australia’s lead agency for mining, petroleum and geothermal, and carbon capture storage projects. The department provides project approval coordination support for more complex projects.  Project coordinators and/or project contact officers are assigned to lead agency projects according to the specific approval requirements.  Multi-agency project briefings are arranged to assist in approval scoping and coordination across government.

As a lead agency, the department:

  • provides a single entry point for projects
  • coordinates the approvals process across government for all proposals
  • assigns officers and case managers for large and complex projects
  • provides online application and approval tracking services.

Pre-submission meetings with the lead agency are encouraged to match proponent expectations and project delivery timelines to government approval requirements. A list of lead agency project proposals is published quarterly, which includes information about the status of project proposal approvals.

All proposals within the Lead Agency Framework receive a level of service related to their size, complexity or environmental, economic or social impacts.

View information on the Department's approval performance.

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