Apply for a Programme of Work

The Mining Act 1978 requires that a Programme of Work (PoW) is lodged in the prescribed manner and approved by the Minister (or a prescribed official) prior to an explorer or prospector conducting any ground disturbing activities with mechanised equipment.

Activities must be rehabilitated within six months of completion of ground disturbance, unless otherwise approved in writing by a DEMIRS Environmental Officer. A rehabilitation report should then be submitted to DEMIRS.

When the prescribed tonnage limit will be exceeded by any proposed ground-disturbing activities on mining tenements, an application for excess tonnage must be submitted to the Title Compliance Branch via Mineral Titles Online (MTO) or lodged over the counter at a Mining Registrar’s office.  An application for excess tonnage is required where the prescribed tonnage limit of 500 tonnes on a Prospecting (P) licence or Special prospecting licence, and/or 1,000 tonnes for an Exploration (E) licence and Retention licence will be exceeded by proposed activities.

Exploration Rehabilitation Guidance - 502 Kb

Exploration and Prospecting Rehabilitation Guidance

Programme of Work Guidance - 453 Kb

Programme of Work Guidance

Programme of Work Spatial (PoW-S)

The PoW-S system captures activities proposed by explorers and prospectors and provides site-specific feedback in the form of spatial data and additional questions.  The proponent can then adjust and optimise their application prior to submission, resulting in faster application and assessment timeframes.

Proposed activities can either be drawn directly in the system or uploaded using two spatial format options: ESRI shapefile or MapInfo TAB files.  If you choose to upload files, example files and a data dictionary are provided below and contain details on the conventions required for each activity type.

For additional support using the PoW Spatial system contact

What is Spatial Lodgement? 
Programmes of Work Lodgment User Guide

Example Shapefiles for PoW Spatial - 19 Kb

Example of format for shapefiles to be loaded into PoW Spatial

Example TAB Files for PoW Spatial - 12 Kb

Example of format for TAB files to be loaded into PoW Spatial

Spatial Upload Formats for PoW Spatial - 384 Kb

Information on the requirements for shapefiles lodged via PoW Spatial

Programme of Work Prospecting (PoW-P)

The fastest method for submitting prospecting applications is via PoW-S.

Alternatively, a PoW-P Application Form PDF template can be downloaded below and submitted either over the counter at any DEMIRS office, or electronically using the Submit PoW-P button. Our guide provides more information on how to submit your applications and reports electronically.

Programme of Work - Prospecting (PoW-P) Application Form - 532 Kb

Download PDF version of the PoW-P application