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Western Australia is internationally recognised as having one of the world’s most successful mineral and petroleum sectors, providing numerous competitive advantages for resources investment. The scale of its mining industry is nearly unmatched in the world, hosting 6 of the world’s top 10 producing mineral projects.

WA is home to a well-established infrastructure network consisting of road, rail and ports, as well as a secure energy supplies. It hosts the world’s largest bulk export port authority in the State’s north, the Pilbara Port, as well as a range of strategic industrial areas. The State is further supported by cutting-edge research and innovation capabilities, and is well renowned as a ‘technology state’, leading in the adoption of autonomous technologies in the resources sector.

Access to this infrastructure, coupled with a skilled workforce and strong service and supply sector, has been imperative in facilitating the success of WA’s mineral and petroleum industries.

In 2020 the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety commissioned research into the State’s mining equipment and services sector, more commonly known as the ‘METS’ sector. The aim of this work was to inform the Government’s understanding of the size and scope of the METS sector, which is so critical to supporting and ensuring the ongoing operation of the resources industry.

The research found that Western Australia accounts for around a third of the nation’s share of the METS sector, valued at around $27 billion in gross value added. The report estimated that WA hosts around 27,000 specialised METS companies, which deliver a wide range of specialised mining products and services for the sector, including software products, mining equipment, and consulting services. Such services have further attracted global finance, business, legal, aviation, transport and logistics firms.

Download a copy of the METS report prepared for the department

For further information on the WA METS sector, refer to Invest & Trade Western Australia’s website: Invest & Trade WA - Mining and METS.

In September 2021, the State Government released its strategy for the development of the resources sector, which outlines the measures it has taken to ensure that Western Australia is recognised as a world-leader in the sustainable development of our outstanding mineral and petroleum resources.

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Western Australia’s mineral and petroleum resources development strategy