The department’s eBookshop contains almost 5000 geological products including books, maps and data packages. Most of these are available in PDF format free of charge.

The department’s eBookshop

Accessing products

The VIEW PDF icon in the eBookshop links directly to the product. For data packages, the link is to a PDF that describes the content and coverage of the package.

Various products are available as follows:

  • Records, Reports, Bulletins and non-series books are all available as PDFs to view and download free of charge, and cannot be purchased in hardcopy (with some exceptions)
  • GIS files (ESRI and MAPINFO formats) for maps published since 1991 are available as a free download from the Data and Software Centre, and links to these files are provided from the ‘READ MORE’ page. Maps published prior to 1991 are available as a free PDF or can be purchased as a hardcopy (until supply is exhausted)
  • for some publications, eBookshop has links to zipped files of downloadable geochemical and geophysical datasets in the online catalogue
  • Data packages released on USB are available from the Information Centre, First Floor, Mineral House, 100 Plain Street, East Perth WA 6004, Australia Phone: + 61 8 9222 3459; Fax: +61 8 9222 3444, or can be purchased via the eBookshop.

If a book is available as a hardcopy, there will be a note specifying soft or hard cover on both the browse and the READ MORE pages. To enquire about price, possible discounts for bulk purchases, and the shipping cost of these books, call or email bookshop@dmirs.wa.gov.au