Oil, gas and geothermal

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) assesses and promotes the prospectivity of petroleum and geothermal energy in the sedimentary basins of Western Australia. Assessment is based on the interpretation of existing and new data that is gathered on geology, geophysics, geochemistry and temperature.

Schematic geology of geofluid systems.

GSWA’s work is focused on:

  • the Neoproterozoic Basins, specifically the Paleozoic Amadeus, Paleozoic Canning, and Paleozoic–Mesozoic Perth Basins, which have proven and underexplored petroleum systems
  • the geothermal energy potential of Western Australia.

GSWA assesses and reports on the Carnarvon, Canning, Officer and Perth Basins to promote petroleum, coal and geothermal energy exploration and production, as well as carbon storage in Western Australia.

Access information on petroleum prospectivity and acreage releases.

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