WA Basins Stratigraphic Drilling

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) routinely acquires new pre-competitive geoscience data to encourage exploration of the sedimentary basins of Western Australia. Stratigraphic drilling in underexplored regions aims to reveal the geothermal temperature and existence of reservoir, seal and hydrocarbon source rocks to aid prospectivity assessment for petroleum (oil, hydrocarbon gas, helium and hydrogen), coal, geothermal energy and CO2 sequestration.
GSWA Barnicarndy 1 (previously Waukarlycarly 1) wellsite, Canning Basin

The GSWA Barnicarndy 1 stratigraphic well in the Canning Basin, funded by Geoscience Australia through the ‘Exploring for the Future’ program was drilled in 2019. For more information on this and other stratigraphic wells drilled by GSWA click on the relevant tile below.


For further information contact: basinenergy.geoscience@dmirs.wa.gov.au