About the Awards


As Western Australia’s lead agency regulating the State’s resources sector, the department is committed to ensuring the sector is developed and managed responsibly and sustainably for the benefit of all Western Australians.

The annual Resources Sector Awards for Excellence was established by the department to demonstrate and acknowledge that our nationally significant industry is not only sustainable, but also achieves the environmental and community balance expected of industry today.

The Resources Sector Awards for Excellence brings together the prestigious environmental Golden Gecko Award and the Community Partnership Resources Sector Award.

By recognising exceptional advances and innovations throughout the resources sector, the department seeks to encourage higher industry standards to help develop and maintain community confidence in mineral and petroleum activities.

The Resource Sector Awards for Excellence ceremony will not take place in 2023 as there were no successful nominations. The department would like to thank the applicants who submitted this year.

Why enter the Awards for Excellence?

Winners of the Resources Sector Awards for Excellence set an example to industry of innovation and excellence. They will have the opportunity to share their experiences with government, industry and the community. The award recipients will be able to differentiate themselves amongst other organisations and businesses with a higher level of credibility. Most importantly, businesses will highlight their respect for their staff and the community in which they operate, and the broader Western Australian community.

In addition, nominating for the Awards provides an opportunity for the organisation to:

  • receive recognition for their business policies and practices that go above and beyond;
  • evaluate their project;
  • gain feedback on the implementation of their strategies;
  • highlight opportunities for further growth in activities;
  • increase media and brand awareness;
  • increase internal awareness and interest across their business; and
  • stand out as a potential employer or business partner.

Recipients of an award will also receive the right to use the award logo on websites and other marketing material.