Are you transporting petrol, LP gas or pool chemicals to your community?

Transporting petrol, LP gas or pool chemicals to your community? - 2150 Kb

Transporting petrol, LP gas or pool chemicals to your community?

Did you know?

Fires or explosions can be caused by fumes or leaks from petrol cans or LP gas cylinders (e.g. BBQ bottles).

Pool chemicals can also produce poisonous chlorine gas, explode or cause fires.

To transport these items safely, keep them separate from each other and allow air flow.

Petrol, LP gas and pool chemicals are classified as dangerous goods.

Before leaving

Make sure the containers or packages are in good condition, tightly sealed and can’t leak during transport.

Where can I put these chemicals in the vehicle?

When transporting containers of petrol, LP gas and pool chemicals, make sure they are in a place with plenty of air movement to reduce the build-up of dangerous gases.

Ideally, these containers should be stored away from passengers, on a ute tray, trailer or roof rack. This allows air to move around the containers.

The other place you can transport containers is within the vehicle’s cabin.

Be aware that you and your passengers could be affected by spills, leaks or fires. Open vehicle’s windows to keep air moving through the cabin.

How can I separate the chemicals?

To help prevent mixing and a possible reaction, place different chemicals in separate boxes or in different vehicle compartments or areas.

Examples of dangerous goods to keep apart.
pool chemicals from

petrol, diesel and oil

LP gas
dangerous goods or chemicals from food

Keep other chemicals (e.g. oil, fertiliser, herbicides, bleach) that may be in your vehicle or shopping separate too.


What can I do to prevent chemicals leaking?

Tie or secure containers (e.g. bottles, packages, jerry cans, drums, cans or cylinders) in an upright position to stop leaks.

Protect containers from damage by heavy or sharp objects that could cause the contents to leak.

Keep chemicals shaded from the sun and protected from water.

On the trip

If you want to smoke or use the phone it is best to pull over and move away from your vehicle. These activities may start a fire or cause an explosion if there is a leak.

On arrival

Park the vehicle away from areas where there is welding or grinding.

Remove jerry cans, LP gas bottles or pool chemicals from the cabin of vehicle as soon as you can to prevent gases building up.

Want to know more?

Find more about what dangerous goods and hazardous substances are, and how to store and transport them safely in our separate and ventilate section.