Applying for a fireworks contractor licence

Fireworks contractor licence - application form - 72 Kb

This form or template is required to apply for a fireworks contractor licence.

When is this licence required?

A fireworks contractor licence is required to:

  • manufacture (subject to conditions), purchase, store (limited quantities), possess, transport (not more than Category 2 loads) and use fireworks.
  • apply for a fireworks event permit.

A firework contractor licence is issued for five years.

Fireworks contractor licence - general information - 87 Kb

The following information is to guide you on the requirements for applying for and renewing fireworks contractor licences.

Who can apply?

Licences can be granted to an individual, body corporate or partnership.

  • Individuals must be at least 21 years of age and hold a fireworks operator licence.
  • Bodies corporate or partnerships must have at all times at least one individual who is concerned in the management of, or employed by, the body corporate or partnership that holds a fireworks operator licence.  If this is not the case, the contractor licence is suspended until someone with a fireworks operator licence is employed.

The applicant must already hold a current fireworks operator licence.

For more information on proof of identity go to How do I prove my identity?

Required information

The completed application must be signed by the intended licensee and lodged with:

  • supporting documentation, which is the original or the original certified document (where a copy is requested this does not apply)
  • explosives management plan.

See What is required for explosives licences? for more information on security clearances.

Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications. Most applications are dealt with within approximately 30 business days.

Application fee

For information regarding application and renewal fees please see Schedule of fees and charges below.

Go to Schedule of fees and charges for more information on licence fees.

Lodging the application

The completed and signed application form must be accompanied by:

  • required information
  • the fee
    • this can be paid by credit card (details on application form)
    • by cheque made payable to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
    • cash payments can only be made when lodging in person.

Emailed to:

Mailed to:
Dangerous Goods Licensing
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

Lodged in person:
303 Sevenoaks Street (entrance via Grose Avenue)
Cannington WA 6107

Related information

Notification of changes of details

The Chief Dangerous Goods Officer must be notified within 14 days of any material changes to the details on a licence or registration.

Reporting an incident

Licence holders are responsible for reporting accidents and incidents arising from their activities in Western Australia, including unexplained losses or theft.

Other guidance

For more information on explosive management plans see What is required for explosives licences?

Applicable legislation

Contact details

For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing:
Phone: (08) 6251 2300