Applying for accreditation as a dangerous goods consultant

Consultant accreditation to assess and endorse proposals - application form - 263 Kb

This form or template is required to apply for a consultant accreditation to assess and endorse proposals.

Consultant accreditation to assess and endorse proposals - renewal application form - 74 Kb

Complete this form to renew your consultant accreditation

Who can apply?

Applicants seeking approval as an accredited consultant must have a relevant degree in science or engineering. They need to demonstrate competency in risk assessment relevant to the dangerous goods Classes or Divisions for which accreditation is being sought.

Accreditation as a dangerous goods consultant has effect for three years.

Only individuals, not companies, can be accredited and therefore accreditation is not shared across of transferable within an organisation.

Required information

The completed application must be signed by the intended consultant and lodged with supporting documentation, which is the original or the original certified document (where a copy is requested this does not apply):

  • evidence of a relevant degree in science or engineering from an Australian institution or equivalent
  • copy of procedure for the review and endorsement of dangerous goods proposals
  • signed accredited consultant’s charter
  • details of relevant training and experience
  • details of record management for dangerous goods proposals
  • draft copy of risk assessment forms for assessing proposals
  • list of relevant publications held by applicant.

Accredited consultants charter - form - 90 Kb

The Chief Officer accredits approved persons to provide certificates in accordance with regulations 26(3) and 29(4B) of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007.

Approval of consultants to assess and endorse dangerous goods site licence applications - guide - 823 Kb

This document outlines how a person can become an accredited consultant in Western Australia. It covers the requirements for approval by the Chief Officer, and the standards of assessment required to maintain accreditation status.

Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications. Most applications are dealt with within 30 business days.

Lodging the notification

The completed and signed notification form and attachments (if any) should be mailed to:

Safety Regulation Group
Dangerous Goods and Critical Risks
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

Or lodge in person:
303 Sevenoaks Street (entrance off Grose avenue)
Cannington WA 6107


For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing
Phone: (08) 6251 2300

Notification of changes of details

See below:

Please send changes in contact details to