Renewing an explosives driver licence

Applying for a licence

An explosives driver licence is issued for five years and is required if a person is transporting explosives by road.

Suspended licences

Suspended licences can be renewed but the licence card will not be issued until the suspension is lifted.

Required supporting information

The renewal for an explosives driver licence must be accompanied by specific information. Before completing your application ensure you have high quality colour images of the documents listed below.

If you have recently submitted an application for a different licence type and items provided with that application are still valid, they are prepopulated by SRS for subsequent applications.  This may mean you do not have to obtain a new medical certificate or driving records.

The payment of fees must be by Visa or MasterCard.

Item Document details Date before lodgement date
Competency training Statement of Attainment or Certificate of Competency Not more than 6 months
Medical certificate Assessed against the standards in Assessing Fitness to Drive – Medical Standards for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers 2016 Not more than 6 months
Motor driver licence (MDL) Colour image of both sides of the MDL issued from any Australian state or Territory or New Zealand  
Photograph Passport quality photo (The passport photograph must be a JPEG file) Not more than 6 months
Relevant offence Documents detailing any conviction and/or charge pending relating to a relevant offence  
WA driving record

National Police Certificate (NPC)

  • Note: Only NPCs obtained direct from the Police (WA, interstate, federal, or New Zealand) either online, or via Australia Post for WA NPCs are acceptable.
  • Third party provided NPCs (Including Australia Post’s own National Police Check) cannot be accepted.
  • Submitting an unacceptable NPC will delay the issuing of your licence and result in additional cost and inconvenience to you.

WA Certified copy of Traffic Infringements

  • Required if you have, or have not been issued with a WA MDL.
Not more than 6 months



Failure to provide the required documentation will delay processing of applications.  Most applications are dealt with within 20 business days.

The following information may assist in obtaining the required supporting information.

Driving record

Driving record contact details - list - 233 Kb

Driving record contact details for Australian States and Territories and New Zealand.

Driving training

Dangerous goods transport training providers - 140 Kb

Approved training providers.

Medical fitness

Dangerous goods and explosives licences medical certificate – application form - 86 Kb

Print out the dangerous goods and explosives licence medical certificate and take to your medical practitioner to complete. When making an appointment with your medical practitioner, inform them the medical assessment is for a dangerous goods licence.

Relevant offence

Applicants must disclose details of any “relevant offence” for which they have been convicted, or have charges pending. A relevant offence is an offence against:

  • the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 (Act), or any regulations made under the Act
  • any law of another place that substantially corresponds to the Act or the regulations made under it

Transport Category 3

To upgrade your licence to transport Category 3 loads of explosives, you must have:

  • held a motor drivers licence for 12 months, and
  • performed 50 hours of driving under the direct supervision of a driver licensed to transport Category 3 loads of explosives.

To be licensed to transport Category 3 loads, you must submit a reference from your employer(s) confirming you have performed 50 hours of driving supervised by a Category 3 licensed explosives driver.

The 50 hours of supervised driving may include driving vehicles carrying Category 1 and 2 loads and it may also include the supervised driving of an un-laden vehicle licensed to transport explosives on a return journey after delivering a Category 3 load of explosives.

Mutual Recognition

Holders of explosives driver licences issued in other States and Territories of Australia are deemed to be licensed in Western Australia (WA). There is no requirement to apply for mutual recognition of your interstate licence, even if you become a WA resident.

However, you are not prevented from applying for mutual recognition if you wish to obtain a WA licence.

This does not apply for holders of New Zealand explosives driver licences who must apply for mutual recognition of their licences.

For more information refer to Applying for mutual recognition

Renewal and late fee

For information regarding application and renewal fees please see Schedule of fees and charges.

Lodging the application

You must apply online via the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

If you have an existing SRS Ex account, Log on to SRS 
Enter your Ex-Account number and password and follow online instructions to complete your application

If you are a new user go to SRS new user
Register for an ex-Account number

Contact details

For any enquiries please contact Dangerous Goods Licensing:
Phone: (08) 6251 2300

Public registers

The licensing regulations create public registers which require information about licence holders and licences to be publicly available.  The actual information published in each licence register depends on the licence type.

Typically the register includes:

  • Licence number
  • Licence holder
  • Conditions on licence(if any)
  • Expiry date of licence

Applicable legislation