Submit an Annual Environmental Report (AER) - mining

Under the Mining Act 1978, an Annual Environmental Report (AER) is required for all mining projects that have an AER condition on the relevant tenement.

A condition requiring the submission of an AER is imposed on the tenement following the approval of a mining proposal.

The objectives of the AER are to:

  • concisely document the major mining activities for the reporting year and proposed activities for the following year
  • concisely document environmental management and rehabilitation activities for the reporting year and proposed activities and developments in the following year
  • encourage operators to conduct an environmental analysis of the project
  • assist operators in monitoring and reporting on their own environmental compliance and performance
  • encourage operators to be prepared for mine closure through reviewing the status of rehabilitation and mine closure planning on an annual basis
  • provide basic information to the department about the extent of mining operations in the State, and the standard of environmental management and mine closure planning being achieved.

AERs must be prepared in accordance with the Guidelines for the preparation of an Annual Environmental Report.

Submitting an Annual Environmental Report

Summary information of all AERs submitted online since November 2012 are publicly available on EARS 2 Online.

The information includes:

  • Report Details
  • Environmental Group Site – Site Summary
  • Environmental Group Site – Site Summary Table
  • Environmental Group Site – Site Plan and Mining – Area of Activity sections of an AER.

View publicly available AERs via EARS 2 Online


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