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Under the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012, every holder of a mining tenement (prospecting licence, exploration licence, mining lease, general purpose lease, miscellaneous licence or retention licence) must provide assessment information to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) for the purposes of calculating an annual mining rehabilitation levy. If a tenement is held by more than one person, each of those persons must provide that information.

Assessment information is provided by lodging a report online using our EARS 2 system. For the purposes of these reports, tenements are grouped together according to how the name and postal address of the tenement holder is recorded on the tenement register. In this way, every tenement that a person holds will be contained within the same report, as long as the name and address is recorded in exactly the same way.

To lodge a report, each person that holds a tenement must register for access and to ensure that access is limited only to those that are authorised, DMIRS issues a unique set of verification codes to each tenement holder so that he/she (or an authorised person) can register and access the report. It should be noted that the first person to register his or her code becomes the 'Company Administrator' and may then grant access to others. Once the codes have been registered, they are no longer valid.

Because tenements are grouped together according to their name and postal address, new verification codes are issued when a new name and address combination first appears: for example, when a person's first tenement is granted, when the name or address of the tenement holder changes, or a tenement is granted that has a different address. If a person already holds tenements with exactly the same name and address, any new tenements with matching details will simply be added to the same report (and no new codes will be issued).

If verification codes are issued, it's important that they're registered as soon as possible, not only so that you can lodge your report on time but also so you can be added to our mailing list for any e-mail reminders that we may send. Please note that there are penalties for lodging your reports after the due date.

If you have your verification codes and are ready to register, please click on the link below.  If you don't already have a username (an 'EX' account) for use in DMIRS' systems, you can apply for one during the registration process.

The MRF team are here to assist tenement holders with their MRF registration, we can also assist you with lodging your reports. 

MRF Team
Phone: +61 8  9222 3162

To register for the Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF)

Follow the MRF Registration Step by Step Guide which will guide you through the registration process

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