Albany–Fraser Orogen deep crustal seismic reflection survey 2012

This survey was conducted across the southeastern margin of the Yilgarn Craton and the adjacent Albany–Fraser Orogen, through to the Madura Province during April to June 2012. The addition of this survey to the existing set of deep seismic traverses improves the understanding of Western Australia’s crustal structure.

The Albany–Fraser Orogen seismic reflection survey was a collaborative project between the Geological Survey of Western Australia (through the Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) program), Geoscience Australia (GA), the National Research Facility for Earth Sounding (ANSIR), AngloGold Ashanti Limited (AGA) and Independence Group, and the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) at The University of Western Australia.  Acquisition and processing was managed by Geoscience Australia through the National Collaboration Framework.

Locations of Albany–Fraser seismic lines
Locations of Albany–Fraser seismic lines

The main objectives of the Albany–Fraser Orogen seismic reflection survey were to:

  • image the crustal architecture of the Yilgarn Craton margin and its relationship to the Albany–Fraser Orogen
  • establish the subsurface extent of the Yilgarn Craton beneath the Albany–Fraser Orogen, and look for mantle-tapping structures that may have provided fluid pathways for mineralisation
  • examine the deep crustal structure of the Albany–Fraser Orogen and investigate the processes that drove Paleoproterozoic rifting and magmatism along the Yilgarn Craton margin, and Mesoproterozoic tectonic assembly
  • test models of Mesoproterozoic fold and thrust belt architecture in the Albany–Fraser Orogen
  • examine primary and structural relationships between tectonic units mapped at the surface

The data have been interpreted and the preliminary results released at a public workshop held in April 2014. The extended abstract volume and accompanying material, including the Workshop presentations (see below) are available for download. The migrated uninterpreted and interpreted seismic sections are available for download (in multiple formats) directly from Geoscience Australia.

Albany– Fraser Orogen whole survey VRTP TMI mga51 A4
Albany– Fraser Orogen whole survey GA 1M Surface Geol mga51 A4

Albany–Fraser Orogen deep crustal seismic reflection survey 2012 logos

Albany–Fraser Orogen 2012 Seismic Survey Seismic shot point


Extended abstracts and plates

Preliminary interpretations of the Albany–Fraser deep crustal seismic lines were released at a public workshop held at the Hyatt Hotel in East Perth in April 2014. The workshop consisted of 13 presentations and was accompanied by the release of a series of extended abstracts and geological plates. All of the data including the PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded from the links below. These interpretations have now been released as a final record.

Geoscience Australia Deep Seismic Reflection Profiles: L201 Albany–Fraser Orogen

Albany–Fraser workshop (April 2014) — presentations


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