Ashmore Seppelt

Ashmore Seppelt

Warning: Abandoned mines are dangerous places. Do not enter abandoned mines.

The Ashmore, Seppelt 1 and Seppelt 2 former diamond exploration mine sites are located approximately 75 km east of Kalumburu and 150 km northwest of Wyndham. The three discrete sites span a distance of 30 km. The Ashmore tenement was held by Striker Diamonds Pty Ltd (Striker) while Seppelt 1 and Seppelt 2 were held by Merlin Diamonds Ltd (Merlin). Striker was a 100% owned subsidiary of Merlin. The three tenements were forfeited in November 2019 and the Federal Court appointed liquidators in April 2020.

Land disturbances totalling approximately 66.9 ha include five pits, three tailings areas, waste rock areas, low-grade stockpiles and access roads. The site has very limited access presenting challenges for rehabilitation.


Onsite assessments have been postponed due to remote Aboriginal community access restrictions associated with COVID-19.

Risk assessments and desktop gap studies commenced in 2020 and will continue in 2021. Stakeholder engagement will commence in 2021. These steps will inform the selection of preferred rehabilitation options.

For more information on how the Western Australian State Government is addressing the risks associated with abandoned mine features through management and rehabilitation view Abandoned Mines Program.



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