Warning: Abandoned mines are dangerous places. Do not enter abandoned mines.

Gold and copper mining began in the area during 1899 with periods of copper ore production up until 1971; gold treatment was also undertaken at the site from 1988 to 1992, processing ore mined from nearby Kundip. It is estimated there are approximately 700 000 t of tailing material remaining on the Elverdton site.


The Abandoned Mines Program is currently investigating the extent of the legacy tailings material to identify potential impacts within the Elverdton site and in the Steere River catchment. An auditor-endorsed sample plan has been developed to enable a human health and ecological risk assessment to be undertaken which will inform the development of appropriate management and mitigation measures for the impacted area.

The AMP is working closely with project stakeholders, engaging directly with tenement holders, neighbouring landholders, and the local community.

Elverdton project overview – April 2021 - 1247 Kb

Background to the Elverdton project


For more information on how the Western Australian State Government is addressing the risks associated with abandoned mine features through management and rehabilitation view Abandoned Mines Program.



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