Other mineral systems studies

There are other studies of Western Australia mineral systems that have been carried out independently of the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA).

Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia (GA) has completed or is presently undertaking a number of mineral system studies, largely under the banner of its Mineral Systems Group. The following products are relevant to Western Australia:


Gold mineral systems of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane. A comprehensive, five part report coming out of the Predictive Mineral Discovery Co-operative Research Centre (pmd*CRC) is available:
Reports 1 and 2
Reports 3 and 4
Data and reports

Iron-oxide copper-gold (IOCG)

Iron oxide-copper-gold potential of the southern Arunta Region (GA Fact Sheet and database).

Platinum group elements

Platinum-group elements in Australia: Geological setting, mineral systems, and potential (GA Record 2014/51). A review of the distribution, geological characteristics, resources and potential of platinum group elements in Australia, provided in a mineral-systems-based framework.

Rare earth elements



Mineral prospectivity of salt lakes

A review of Australian salt lakes and assessment of their potential for strategic resources (GA Record 2013/39)

A mineral systems analysis of publicly available information on Australian salt lakes, with maps showing potential for lithium, boron, potash and calcrete-hosted uranium.

Proterozoic Synthesis Project

Geochronological synthesis and time-space plots for Proterozoic Australia (GA Record 2007/6)

Geodynamic and metallogenic evolution of Proterozoic Australia from 1870 - 1550 Ma: a discussion (GA Record 2007/16)

A synopsis of the characters and correlations of geological events (magmatism, deformation, metamorphism, sedimentation and mineralization), geodynamic interpretations and associated metallogenic potential of Australian Proterozoic terranes.

Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

The Mineral Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) invests in WA-focused minerals research to ensure the State's minerals industry remains a significant contributor to economic growth. MRIWA has contributed funding to many projects dealing with Western Australian mineral systems (some with GSWA as a collaborator), and provides reports for all completed projects through the GSWA Online Catalogue portal (search for ‘Minerals Exploration’ under ‘Report Type’).