Step 3. Lodge application with the department - Mining Lease

Lodging mining tenement applications

Applications must be made in the Form No. 21 ‘application for mining tenement’ and lodged at any of the department’s Mining Registrar offices, or lodged electronically via the department’s website using ‘Mineral Titles Online (MTO)’.


Prior to using the eLodgement system, parties will be required to register with MTO and be issued with the necessary logon details and also agree to the terms and conditions. Registration is free.

Note: Whilst applications for mining tenements can be lodged electronically outside the department’s opening hours, those applications will be deemed to be received at 8.30am (WST) on the next working day.

Application fees payable

Application fees together with the first year’s rent is payable on lodgement of an application for a mining tenement. Information as to current fees and charges is available as a separate sheet.

Note: A $99,999 transaction limit applies where payment is made by credit card.

To make a payment via credit card, via the payments portal, please enter the Payment number as printed on your Notification.

Description of tenement

It is of the utmost importance that the description of every tenement is clear and unambiguous. This will allow precise plotting on the public plan or TENGRAPH and easy identification of the posts on the ground.

The boundaries of every mining tenement, except an exploration licence, shall be defined from an existing survey mark or other well defined feature, a prominent ground feature shown on the department’s tenement maps, an observed latitude and longitude or Australian Map Grid (AMG), coordinates. Regulation 66.

Essential features

All descriptions should include the following prime features:

  • locality
  • datum post or starting point
  • boundaries
  • area.

For examples of descriptions, including methods of measurement, refer to Marking Out and Applying for a Mining Tenement pamphlet.

Checklist for lodging mining tenement applications

Refer to checklist for lodging mining tenement applications