Step 4. Serving of notices - Mining Lease

When the application has been received by the Mining Registrar, the applicant must serve a copy of the Form 21 within 14 days of lodging the application to the following:

  • Pastoral Lessee - a copy of the map needs to be included. – Section 118, Regulation 64B.
  • Private Land – to the clerk of the council of the municipality, the owner and occupier of the land, and each mortgagee in respect to the private land as recorded at Landgate - Regulation 7.

In cases where only subsurface rights are applied for on private land,  (ie. only for land below a depth of 30 metres from the lowest part of the natural surface) it is not necessary to serve a copy of the application on the owner and occupier of the land and each mortgagee of the land - Section 33(1a).

Please note, service may be by personal delivery or registered mail under Regulation 111. If any of the above services cannot be effected within 14 days, then you can apply to the Mining Warden for an extension of time under Regulation 162B.