Natural gas from shale and tight rocks gantt chart

The Department of Mines and Petroleum has developed a gantt chart to assist companies wishing to undertake onshore oil and gas exploration, and development activities in Western Australia, including shale and tight gas exploration. The information in the chart will assist in scoping government project approvals, including timelines, before an activity can commence.

While the department has made every effort to ensure all likely approvals required are included and the timelines are accurate, proponents must be aware that every project is different and will have different approval requirements. Many of the approval processes are interdependent and rely on proponents having good project definitions, meeting timelines and providing quality information.

Proponents are encouraged to engage early with agencies to ensure applications contain the correct information and are processed efficiently.

Links to guidance material on respective agency websites has been provided in the links column. For more information, please contact the appropriate agency.


  • The chart was developed in Microsoft Project and requires a start date. The nominal start day is in February 2013.
  • Most of the times are in business days. For example, 30 days means 30 business days. “edays” refers to elapsed days or calendar days, including weekends and public holidays.
  • The ‘predecessors’ column allows users to see which approvals must be granted before others can be applied for.

Get your copy

If you have any feedback on the chart or would like more information, please contact the Principal Policy Officer at

There are three versions:

1) Shale and tight gas gantt chart (MPP 7396 kb)

Microsoft Project 2010 - If you have Microsoft Project, you can open this document and input your own start dates and notes

2) Shale and tight gas gantt chart (PDF 382 kb)

PDF - needs to be printed on A3.

3) Shale and tight gas gantt chart (XLSX 46 kb)

Microsoft Excel 2007 - If you do not have Microsoft Project, the excel version provides the same information without the timeline chart.

Note: This is a WCAG 2.0 friendly version of the Unconventional Gas gantt chart.