Consultation and communication

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Mentally healthy workplaces: Resources for management

Why are consultation and communication important?

Communication and consult
Risk management process: Consultation and communication

Consultation involves sharing information, and giving workers a reasonable opportunity to express their views on safety and health matters that may affect them. These views should be considered when decisions are made.

Consultation with workers and their representatives is important at each step of the risk management process. By drawing on workers’ experience, knowledge and ideas, it is more likely that the psychosocial hazards and risk factors will be identified and effective controls selected. Worker ownership throughout the process should also lead to increased support and understanding when strategies are implemented.

Note: The same risk management processes used for physical health and safety may be applied to mental health and wellbeing.


How can consultation be encouraged?

Examples of activities to support effective consultation and communication  include:

  • using focus groups
  • having a standing agenda or discussion item at:
    • safety and health committee meetings
    • team meetings
    • toolbox meetings
  • regular updates to the workforce (e.g. email broadcasts, newsletters).



How can communication and reporting be encouraged?

Effective communication increases the likelihood of workers engaging in mental health initiatives and reporting workplace safety and health concerns.

Below are some leadership actions to encourage communication and reporting in the workplace.

Leadership strategies part1
Leadership actions to encourage communication and reporting
Leadership strategies part 2
Leadership actions to encourage communication and reporting


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