Guidance about electrical hazards

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What is electrical work?

Electrical work is defined in the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.
It means work on:

  • electrical machines or instruments
  • electrical installation
  • electrical appliances or equipment

to which electricity is supplied or intended to be supplied, at a nominal pressure exceeding 50 volts alternating current (AC) or 120 volts direct current (DC).

This applies:

  • whether or not the thing on which the work is being performed is part of; is connected to; or is to be connected to, any distribution works or private generating plant
  • where work is performed on any appliance, whether or not electricity is supplied, or may be supplied, through an electric plug socket or socket outlet.

Further information can be found at EnergySafety

Managing the risks

Controls that can be used to manage the risks to health and safety associated with electricity at the workplace include:

  • ensuring electrical circuits are protected by circuit breakers to prevent overloading
  • ensuring circuits are protected by appropriate residual current devices (RCDs) where portable electrical equipment can be connected
  • protecting electrical leads from damage
  • avoiding the use of leads and tools in damp or wet conditions unless specially designed for the conditions.

Guidance material



Electrical safety – audit guide - 694 Kb

This audit guide provides information on the electrical safety management systems audit

Frequently asked questions on self-auditing of mining activities - information sheet - 942 Kb

This information sheet outlines the frequently asked questions on self-auditing of mining activities.

Information sheets

Electricity - mine safety matters pamphlet - 872 Kb

This mine safety matters pamphlet contains information on the hazards and recommended safe work practices on electricity.

Frequently asked questions on electrical appointments on Western Australian mines - information sheet - 663 Kb

This information sheet outlines the frequently asked questions on electrical appointments on Western Australian mines.

An information sheet on frequently asked questions on electrical supervision in Western Australian mining operations is being drafted.

Toolbox presentations

Electrical hazard awareness (2012) - 1318 Kb

This toolbox presentation contains information about electrical hazard awareness such as how to respond to electrical incidents and what safety measures you can implement.

Arc welding hazards and safeguards - electrical (2008) - 6854 Kb

This toolbox presentation outlines arc welding electrical hazards and how using appropriate safety devices can help reduce the risk of an accident.

Electrical safety in mining (2005) - 984 Kb

This presentation is extracted from content presented at the 2005 Mines Safety Roadshow held in October 2005.

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