How is the mine plan collection accessed?

Mine plans

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is the custodian of Western Australian mine plans dating back to the late 1880s. This growing resource of more than 45,000 mine plans has been either submitted digitally as portable document format (PDF) files or scanned from paper, blue prints and transparencies.

A mine plan typically comprises several sheets and may include:

  • overall site plans
  • cross sections
  • level plans
  • pit plans.

Why access the collection?

Mine plans are a powerful tool that records historical mining activity in an area. This information is especially useful for companies when ground changes hands. Plans can assist in locating old workings and drill holes and help define their extent for safety purposes.

Examples of how mine plans can be used by mining and exploration companies include:

  • when re-entering old workings
  • for mine planning and design
  • to assist geotechnical engineers
  • planning exploration activities.

The department is unable to guarantee the accuracy of the plans either at the time they were originally made or as an accurate reflection of the current state of workings. Copies of plans are provided on this basis.

Who can access the mine plans?

Tenement holders may request access to the plans submitted for their mine site. All other applicants must submit a freedom of information (FOI) application.

Request for access to mine plans - application form - 251 Kb

This form is to be completed by the current mine owner, duly appointed registered manager or exploration manager, or any other person if they provide written permission for access to mine plans.

See Applying for access to Resources Safety documents to submit an FOI application to Resources Safety.


For further information, please contact the GIS Analyst for Resources Safety
Phone: (08)  9222 3426