How should changes and modifications to a job safety analysis (JSA) be managed?

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Need for review

All job safety analyses (JSAs) need to be reviewed while doing the job. Any changes and updates (such as different or new controls) need to be recorded on the JSA form and documented. These changes must be communicated to everyone working on the job to ensure their safety.

Ideally, the JSA should be reviewed by the work team at the end of the job to ensure it achieved a safe job outcome. Even if no changes have been made to a job, hazards that were missed in an earlier analysis could be identified at the time of review.

Evaluating effectiveness of JSA process

The JSA for a particular task should be repeated if:

  • the job cannot be carried out as outlined in the JSA
  • an accident occurs on a job covered by a JSA
  • a job method is changed
  • a job process is changed
  • the work environment has changed
  • a safety inspection shows that the job is not being performed according to the JSA.


Any changes and updates to a JSA must be communicated to all personnel involved in the job before the job is commenced.

If a JSA has been modified, the associated training components should also be modified accordingly to ensure people are aware of the changes made.

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Further guidance on JSAs is available in the Queensland Government’s Guidance Note QCN 17 - Development of effective Job Safety Analysis.