Reporting a notifiable incident for a mining operation

Notifiable incident reports for mining operations must be submitted online using the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

What needs to be reported?

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Who is responsible for reporting?

A notifiable incident report should be submitted as soon is as practicable.

If the manager considers that the incident is serious, the written notification via SRS should be preceded by a telephone call to the applicable district inspector via 1800 SAFE MINE (1800 7233 64).

Notice must be given whether or not anyone was injured, and whether or not there was any damage to property.

The manager must also record, without delay, the particulars of the incident in the mine record book.

Lodging a notifiable incident report

The notifiable incident report must be lodged online through SRS - Notifications.

Additional geotechnical reporting requirements are described in What is involved in reporting an accident for a mining operation?

The company must nominate at least one administrator to register online for SRS access before a notifiable incident report can be submitted.

Find out more about SRS at What is the Safety Regulation System (SRS)?

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