Risk management overview

Mentally healthy workplaces: Resources for management

What is risk management?

risk management process
Simplified risk management process

Risk management is a proactive process which can be used for managing safety and health risks in the workplace. Although it is the responsibility of leadership to manage risks, developing and maintaining psychologically healthy and safe workplaces relies on everyone participating in the risk management process.

Adopting a risk management approach helps organisations to:

  • prevent and reduce the number and severity of injuries and illnesses from exposure to psychosocial hazards and risk factors
  • promote worker health and wellbeing
  • identify and take opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation in their safety and health management systems.

To manage risks for mentally healthy workplaces, organisations need to:

  1. Identify the psychosocial hazards and risk factors
  2. Assess the associated risks
  3. Control the risks by making the changes necessary to eliminate the hazards or risk factors or, as far as practicable, minimise the risk of harm
  4. Monitor and review the effectiveness of the controls.


Psychologically safe and healthy workplaces: Risk management approach toolkit (DMIRS)

The resources in this document can assist employers in identifying, assessing and controlling psychological hazards in their workplace. In addition to outlining a step by step approach to risk management, it provides examples of a psychological hazard investigation report, a risk assessment tool, employee survey measures, health self-report measures and leadership development tools.

How to tackle work-related stress: A guide for employers on making the managementstandards work

This document from the UK Health and Safety Executive provides a step by step process for tacking work-related stress. It walks employers through the Management Standards approach to improving six key areas of work which can have a negative impact on employee health if they are not properly managed.

Protecting Workers’ Health Series No. 9. PRIMA-EF: Guidance on the European framework for psychosocial risk management: A resource for employers and worker representatives

This document by the World Health Organisation promotes the translation of policy and knowledge into practice. Guidance is provided on key issues including risk assessment, social dialogue and employee participation, key indicators, best practice interventions and corporate social responsibility. Complementary guides in the WHO Protecting Workers’ Health Series are No. 3: Work organization and stress and No. 4: Raising awareness of psychological harassment at work.

Work-related psychological health and safety: A systematic approach to meeting your duties

This document by SafeWork Australia provides step-by-step guidance for preventing and managing harm from work-related psychosocial hazards and factors.