Tracking our progress together

Towards 2020 Regulatory Strategy vision

Tracking our progress

Progress on Towards 2020 commitments will be reported annually. Examples of progress reporting include online news items, Resources Safety Matters articles, publications, web pages or case studies.

Completed commitments will be archived and available to industry online.

Progress updates and reporting can be used as a way to assess the division’s performance and effectiveness as a regulator.

For a list of current focus areas, see the commitments section

Working together

The department is committed to stakeholder engagement.

Effective and ongoing stakeholder engagement enables better planned and more informed departmental policies, projects and services, including a greater understanding and more effective management of issues and potential risks.

For stakeholders, the benefits of engagement include the opportunity to have issues heard and contribute to the decision-making process.

This will assist the regulator effectively engage with its stakeholders to collect and share safety information, and help identify emerging safety trends and how they can be addressed.

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