What happens following a mining fatality?

The loss of a loved one in a work-related accident will be one of the most difficult experiences families can go through.

A booklet has been prepared for bereaved families with information on what government agencies do if there is a death at a mining operation, and where people can go for support and assistance. Topics covered include:

  • overview of what happens following a mining fatality
  • initial response
  • media reports and contact from journalists
  • the Coroner
  • police officers from the Coronial Investigation Unit
  • funeral arrangements
  • Resources Safety investigation
  • prosecution action by Resources Safety
  • Coronial inquiry
  • registration of death
  • further action by Resources Safety
  • obtaining help and support
  • other information.

Information for bereaved families following a mining fatality - booklet - 425 Kb

This booklet provides information on what government agencies will do when there is a death at a mining operation, and where you can go for support and assistance.

For further information on the WA Police investigation, investigations by other government agencies, funeral arrangements and costs, worker’s compensation entitlements, managing finances, coping emotionally and who to contact about your partner or relative’s death, please refer to When your partner or relative dies in a work-related accident – information for partners and relatives available from WorkSafe.

Miners Promise

Miners' Promise is an independent industry legacy scheme created for resource workers in Western Australia. Its main objective is to deliver financial assistance to families of resource workers following an accident or fatality. Miners' Promise will also provide family support services and professional financial and legal support and advice to these families during this difficult time.