What is senior management's role in safety and health?

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What are the corporate responsibilities for safety and health?

The responsibilities of the principal employer, and any other employer as implemented by senior corporate management, are to develop, authorise, provide and maintain workplace safety and health systems to guide mine management and supervisors on how to run a mining operation safely.

Corporate managers (e.g. chief executive officer, company directors, corporate advisors) must ensure that sufficient resources, both monetary and human resources, are available to operate the mine in accordance with mines safety and inspection and other legislation, and that the principal employer has the power to issue instructions to the manager of the mine.

The systems, standards and leadership style established by corporate management are fundamental in developing an appropriate safety culture.

What are the mine or exploration manager’s responsibilities?

In practical terms, registered manager of a mine or exploration manager for exploration activities must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not put at risk from work carried out as part of the operation’s activities.

The manager has the responsibility to ensure that safety and health is managed effectively, and must appoint competent persons to roles that assist him or her to manage the risks associated with the operation.

How can effective management be achieved?

Effective management and supervision can only be achieved through a multi-tiered, team approach where each level of the organisation plays a part in implementing the overall safe systems of work. For example, supervisors depend on direction and support from middle and senior management, as well as the involvement of the workers and contractors they direct.

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