Title payment

Mining Tenement payments

Payment is completed through Mineral Titles Online (MTO) - refer to mining tenement fees and charges for more information

Mining Tenement Application - Application fee for a mining tenement

Mining Tenement Rent - Annual rent for a mining tenement

Search of mining tenement(s) - Search fee for mining tenement(s). This is completed through Mineral Titles Online (MTO).

Petroleum title administration fees

Change of Company Name

Search fee for Petroleum Register - This is payment is completed through the Petroleum Geothermal Register (PGR)

Search - inspection of register / instrument

Search - copies / extracts from the Register

Search - certificate evidentary provisions

Petroleum registration fees

Payment is required in respect to each dealing or transfer requested to be registered on a title. Payments are made online through PGR.


Devolution of Title


Transfer giving effect to Prior Dealing

Transfer / Dealing Related Corporation

Transfer / Dealing Advalorem

Petroleum title payments

Payments are made online through PGR.

Annual fee - Payable by the registered holder in respect of year of the term of a title.

Late Payment Where an annual fee has not been paid by the due date, a penalty for late payment is payable by the registered holder.