Chemicals of security of concern

Why are people concerned about some chemicals?

Chemicals of security concern are a large and diverse number of industrial, agricultural and veterinary chemicals that are legitimately used by individuals and organisations every day throughout Australia.

However, some of these chemicals have been used to facilitate terrorist attacks and the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has identified these as chemicals of ongoing security concern.

Australian governments and industry are working together to minimise the risks associated with these chemicals to make Australia an even safer place to live.

Australian National Security has up to date information on chemicals of security concern and the National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern.

How can I report suspicious behaviour?

If you notice suspicious activity or something doesn't seem right when people are handling or purchasing chemicals, contact the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 or email

Where can I get assistance and information?

To further support the chemical security program a range of resources are available to assist business and community understand this issue and take appropriate actions.

These include:

  • posters, fact sheets, brochures, podcasts and links
  • access to online training materials
  • three videos that highlight the need for employers to train staff on the security risks of their chemicals, for employees to maintain good security practices, and for the community to report suspicious behaviours to the National Security Hotline.

Find out more at the Australian National Security’s resources section.

More videos are available from the Attorney-General’s Department YouTube channel.