What can you do when prospecting

Prospecting in WA

Prospecting activities

Miner’s Right holders are authorised to carry out the following activities on Crown land not covered by a granted mining tenement:

  • prospect for minerals, which includes the use of a metal detector
  • conduct tests for minerals
  • undertake limited sampling using hand-held equipment and remove samples weighing up to 20 kilograms
  • mark out mining tenements
  • fossick for rocks and gemstones
  • camp for the purpose of prospecting.

Miner’s Rights do not authorise these activities on private land or reserved land, excepting common, mining or public utility reserves unless you have authority or permission to do so.

Section 40E Permit holders are authorised to carry out specific activities on Crown land within nominated granted exploration licence areas for up to three months. Find out more in Section 40E Permit issued over granted exploration licences.