Finding explosives or fireworks

The stability of explosives generally degrades during time, requiring authorised owners to responsibly dispose of excess explosives. This is to ensure explosive materials are not abandoned and left on public land, road verges, parks or at the rubbish tip. Abandoned explosives, such as those used in commercial blasting, fireworks and railway track signals, can pose a safety and security risk to everyone.

Abandoned and unwanted explosives and flares - pamphlet - 1447 Kb

This pamphlet provides information on commercial blasting explosives and other explosives, such as fireworks, railway track signals and marine distress flares.

A person with little or no knowledge must never attempt to handle explosives as serious injury or death could result.

If you find abandoned explosives or fireworks abandoned in a public place, you must:

  • immediately leave the area
  • notify Western Australia Police by telephoning 131 444.

The Police will assess the situation and arrange for safe disposal with an appropriate State agency. For example, explosives such as bombs or improvised explosive devices are the responsibility of the Western Australia Police Bomb Disposal Squad, while military explosives are the responsibility of the Australian Defence Force.

Never examine or move an explosive.