What are the requirements to manufacture fireworks?

Manufacturing fireworks

Under regulation 64 of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007, the manufacture of authorised explosives such as fireworks requires a person to hold an explosives manufacture licence. This licence authorises the manufacture of the explosive at the place where it is manufactured, unless the:

  • explosive is named in, and the person manufactures it in accordance with, Schedule 5 of the explosives regulations, or
  • a person holds a licence referred to in regulation 65 or 66, and manufactures the explosive in accordance with that regulation.

Manufacturing theatrical fireworks

Regulation 66 of the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007 refers to the licencing requirements for the manufacture of fireworks for theatrical entertainment:

“A person is authorised, without holding an explosives manufacture licence, to manufacture a firework for use in connection with theatrical entertainment if the person -

  1. holds a fireworks contractor licence, a fireworks operator licence, or a pyrotechnics (special use) licence, that authorises the manufacture; and
  2. in manufacturing the firework, uses only constituents hat -
    • are designed to be used in the manufacture of fireworks for theatrical entertainment; and
    • are commercially available; and
  3. uses the constituents in accordance with the instructions of their manufacturer”.

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