Prepare a mine closure plan

As of 3 March 2020 all mine closure plans must be submitted either in accordance with Part 1 (risk and outcome based) or Part 2 (small mining operations) of the Statutory Guidelines. The 2020 Statutory Guidelines supersede the Guidelines for Mine Closure Plans (2015). For further information please see the information sheet.

Approved Mine Closure Plans (MCPs) must be reviewed after three years or at a time specified by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS). The updated MCP including any changes must then be submitted again to DMIRS for approval. The due date of the revised MCP is specified as a tenement condition.

MCPs can be lodged electronically with a mining proposal, in hard copy at DMIRS offices or online via DMIRS submissions. Read our guide on how to submit via DMIRS Submissions.


Mineral Environment Operations

Statutory Documents

ProForma - Mining Closure Plan for Small Mining Operations - March 2020 - 204 Kb

Proforma to be used for reviewed Mine Closure Plans - as per the Statutory Guidelines for Mine Closure Plans - effective 3 March 2020

Statutory Guideline for Mine Closure Plans - March 2020 - 473 Kb

Mandatory form and content for Mine Closure Plans under the Mining Act 1978 effective 3 March 2020


Environmental Objectives Policy for Mining - March 2020 - 223 Kb

Identifies environmental factors and objectives for decision making under the Mining Act 1978


Mine Closure Plan Guidance - how to prepare in accordance with the Statutory Guidelines - March 2020 - 1495 Kb

Supporting guidance information to inform the preparation of Mine Closure Plans

Mine Closure Plan Checklist - 1047 Kb

Checklist to assist with the preparation of a mine closure plan.

Technical guidance

Waste Rock Dumps - September 2009 - 39 Kb

This document outlines planning before and during construction to produce cost efficient and effective rehabilitation of waste rock dumps.

Acid Mine Drainage - September 2009 - 318 Kb

This document outlines strategies available to prevent or mitigate the impact of acid mine drainage.

Guide to departmental requirements for the management and closure of tailings storage facilities (TSFs) - August 2015 - 337 Kb

This guide has been provided to assist tailings storage facilities (TSFs) designers and operators with preparing the required reports for managing a TSF.

A framework for developing mine-site completion criteria in WA - 5132 Kb

Supports the development of completion criteria and monitoring outlined in the Guidelines for Preparing Mine Closure Plans.


Environmental Application Administration Procedures - 415 Kb

Environmental Application Administration Procedures

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