Submitting a diving start-up notice

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Following acceptance of a diving safety management system, any diving works planned to be conducted must be submitted in writing to the Minister.

Diving start-up notice - form - 1110 Kb

Following acceptance of a Diving Safety Management System, any diving works planned to be conducted must be submitted in writing to the Minister

When is a diving start-up notice required?

A diving start-up notice is required to be submitted to the Minister at least 14 days before the day diving works are expected to commence.

Who is responsible for the submission?

The operator of the diving project must provide a start-up notice to the Minister. If there is no operator, the diving contractor must provide a start-up notice to the Minister.

What information is required?

The diving start-up notice must be signed and dated by the person submitting, and contain the following information:

  1. name, address and telephone number of the diving contractor conducting the project
  2. name, address and telephone number of a person who can be contacted by the Minister at any time during the project
  3. date when the first diving operation that is part of the project is expected to begin
  4. expected duration of the project
  5. location of the project
  6. depth to which it is expected that divers will dive
  7. purpose of the diving project
  8. estimated number of people to take part in the project
  9. breathing mixture to be used
  10. title, document number and revision number of the applicable diving project plan.

How to submit

Submit the form via email to

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