Surveying of mining tenure

The information in this section refers to the appropriate sections and regulations of the Mining Act 1978 (WA) affecting the marking out and surveying of mining tenements. It also includes directions and guidance for surveyors performing limited marking surveys.

Application for Surveyor Approval

Listed below are the application requirements to be met for any surveyor to be included in the list of approved surveyors to carry out official Mining Tenement surveys.

Written applications must be sent to the department’s Director of the Mineral Titles Group and provide documentary proof of the following essential criteria:

  • must be a Licensed Surveyor recognised by the Land Surveyors’ Licensing Board (LSLB), under the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909
  • hold a current Practising Certificate recognised by the LSLB, by attending sufficient industry seminars and workshops to maintain the required accreditation points in each calendar year
  • possess current personal or employer’s professional indemnity insurance
  • include a brief resume of relevant work experience in the survey industry, and provide some examples of recent cadastral survey work
  • preferably include a reference from a surveyor with whom you have been working under direct supervision, and is currently on the list of approved surveyors (desirable).

Application for approval as an underground mine surveyor should be directed to the department’s Resources Safety Division.

List of approved surveyors

The list of approved surveyors provides a detailed list of currently accredited approved surveyors who have made application, and been endorsed, to conduct official departmental mining tenement surveys, under the Contract Survey System.

The list has been prepared in accordance with Section 162 Sub-Section (ka)(i) of the Mining Act 1978 and Regulation 117. This followed a commitment by the department, upon the introduction of the revised survey system, for the survey of mining tenements requiring the lessee(s) selection of an approved surveyor for survey at the lessee(s) cost.

Contract Survey System – Survey of Leases upon Grant or Mining Proposal Approval

The “Contract Survey System” operates under the statutory obligations of the Mining Act 1978, which directs that all leases be surveyed on grant. See Sections 80, 82, and 105B, and Regulations 118A, B and C of the Mining Act 1978.

Under the Contract Survey System the responsibility for choosing and contracting an Approved Surveyor, and the cost of survey is met by the lessee.

Under amendment 39/2004 to the Mining Act 1978, effective 10/02/2006, a lease application must be supported by a Mining Proposal (MP) or Mineralisation Report, submitted at the time of application.

Grant of such leases (which includes grant of MP) will initiate a directive to survey.

The Department is also concurrently administering the orderly roll out of a state wide contract survey back capture program, to clear the backlog of unsurveyed leases granted before 10/02/2006, with the oldest granted leases having the highest priority.

Approval for any MP or mining activity must be made to the department’s Director of the Environment Division.

A Statement of Reason for Decision and an appropriate Information Paper are attached in respect to the Contract Survey System.

Provisions and Regulations of the Mining Act and Directions relating to the Surveying of Mining Tenure

The Provisions and Regulations of the Mining Act and Directions relating to the Surveying of Mining Tenure states the appropriate Sections and Regulations of the Mining Act 1978 (WA) affecting surveys and relating to the requirements of “marking out” and “surveying” of mining tenements.

It also provides directions and guidance for surveyors approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum (including examples) for performing limited marking surveys under the Mining Act 1978 (WA).

Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA)

The GDA outlines the mapping and coordinate system, based on the centre of the Earth as its origin, that best represents Australia's coordinate system integrated with all other global spatial information.

Digital data sets

You can download a variety of the department’s State-wide spatial datasets for free, available at our Data and Software Centre.

This applies to the department’s custodial data only. Cadastral and topographic datasets can only be sourced from Landgate.