Submitting a project management plan (PMP)

PMPs must be submitted online using the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

What should be included in the project management plan (PMP) submission?

The submission for a project management plan (PMP) should contain relevant information at a level of detail corresponding with:

  • information available at the time of its preparation
  • the nature and scale of the operational and occupational health and safety hazards foreseen for the project.

Detailed help about the contents of a PMP is available online within the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

Who is responsible for the submission?

A representative of the principal employer is responsible for developing and submitting the PMP. If there is a significant change to an operation after approval of the PMP, the district inspector should be contacted to discuss whether additional information is required.

Lodging a PMP

Submitting a PMP is now an online operation using SRS – Approvals. Preparing a PMP for submission is a guided, step-by-step approach, with extensive online help facilities available. Unique identification numbers allow PMPs to be saved and re-called for further development over a number of sessions.

Following submission, feedback will be provided on assessment of the PMP. The company must nominate at least one administrator to register online for SRS access before a PMP can be submitted.


For enquiries please contact an inspector of mines
Phone: 1300 307 877

Find out your inspectorate area at Regional inspectorate boundaries for mining operations.

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