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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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State Onshore Titles PGERA 67 (Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act of 1967) (Mainland and Coastal Waters)

Exploration Permit                                                                                                                         EP

Petroleum Lease (1936 Act)                                                                                                         L 1 H

Production Licence                                                                                                                         L

Retention Lease                                                                                                                              R

Drilling Reservation                                                                                                                       DR

Special Prospecting Authority                                                                                                     SPA

Special Prospecting Authority with Acreage Option                                                               SPA 1 AO

Geothermal Special Prospecting Authority with Acreage Option                                        GSPA 2 AO

Infrastructure Licence                                                                                                                   IL

Exploration Permit Application                                                                                                  STP-EPA-0001

Special Prospecting Authority Application                                                                               STP-SPA-0001

Pipeline Licences

State Onshore Pipeline Licence (Petroleum Pipeline Act, 1969)                                         PL

Territorial Sea Pipeline Licence (P(SL)A82)                                                                             TPL

Commonwealth Offshore Pipeline Licence (OPGGSA06)                                                    WA-1-PL

State Onshore Pipeline Licence Application (PP Act, 1969)                                                STP-PLA-0001

Territorial Sea Pipeline Licence Application (P(SL)A82)                                                       TTP-PLA-0001

State Offshore P(SL)A82

Territorial Sea Exploration Permit                                                                                             TP

Territorial Sea Production Licence                                                                                             TL

Territorial Sea Retention Lease                                                                                                  TR

Territorial Sea Infrastructure Licence                                                                                       TIL

Commonwealth Offshore OPGGSA06 (Offshore Petroleum Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006)

Exploration Permit                                                                                                                       WA-1-P

Production Licence                                                                                                                       WA-1-L

Retention Lease                                                                                                                            WA-1-R

Infrastructure Licence                                                                                                                  WA-1-IL

Release Areas

State Onshore PGERA1967 (Petroleum Discrete) Area                                                         L18-1

State Onshore PGERA1967 (Geothermal Discrete) Area                                                      G18-1

State Offshore P(SL)A 1982 (Petroleum Discrete) Area                                                        T18-1

Commonwealth Offshore OPGGSA2006 (Petroleum Discrete) Area                                 W18-1

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